Card Bid 3


  • 申請資格
  • 年滿 20 歲,可申請正卡。
  • 年滿 15 歲以上之配偶、父母、子女、兄弟姐妹及配偶父母可申請 附卡。
  • 申請所需文件
  • 外籍人士需檢附外僑居留證、護照影本及提供一位本國籍保證 人。
  • 財力證明(如最近之薪資扣繳憑單、薪資證明或轉帳存摺內頁、勞保卡、各項存款證明)
  • 遺失處理
  • 信用卡遺失時,應儘速通知本行,可利用本行信用卡服務專線 0800075252/02-27775488 辦理掛失手續,本行將收取掛失手續費新臺幣 100 元。

信用卡各級別循環信用利率為 8%~15%(基準日:2015.08.04,依本行信用評等制度定期評估)。

Credit Card Applying Area for Foreigners

Notices When Applying Credit Card :

  • Applying Qualification:
  • The applicant must be at least 20 years old when applying primary card.
  • Spouse, parent, child, sibling and parent-in-law who are over 15 can apply supplementary card.
  • Document Requirement
  • Foreigners should provide valid resident certificate for foreigners、 a photocopy of passport and a citizen guarantor .
  • Financial statement such as recent payroll withholding certificate, payroll certificate, a photocopy of passbook page which includes payroll transfer record, labor insurance card or any other saving certificate.
  • To report a lost card
  • Cardholder should contact us by calling 0800075252/02-27775488 immediately to report a lost credit card when he/she loses credit card. And we’ll charge NT$100 for the lost report fee.

Interest on revolving credit and cash advance: 8%~15%.
Base date of interest on revolving credit: August 4th, 2015.
Other fees, offers or service restrictions please refer to our official website: